30 January - 31 January 2018 | Excel London

Festival of Genomics


For healthcare:

  • Genomics in the clinic
  • Genetic counselling
  • Whose genome is it anyway? (Patients)

For academia:

  • Cancer genomics
  • Data sharing with GA4GH
  • CRISPR & genomics

For biopharma:

  • Drug development
  • Enabling data
  • Synthetic biology seminar

Day one: 31st January 2016

Synthetic Biology 

The ability to accurately and cost effectively generate DNA on demand is advancing apace. This has implications from basic research right through to drug development. Join our special session to hear more about how the emerging world of synthetic biology could help you take your work forward

Topics include:

  • Understand how adopting synthetic biology approaches can improve the design of gene therapies
  • Learn how directed evolution can be a powerful tool for synthetic biology
  • Power couple: how will synthetic biology and CRISPR shape the future of genomics?

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Cancer Genomics

Update your knowledge of cancer research by exploring the impact genomics is having on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as we move closer to a vision of personalised medicine  

Topics include:

  • Gain key insights into the clinical challenge of tumor heterogeneity
  • Hear novel data from CRUK’s stratified medicine programme, as this first of its kind trial enters its third year
  • Discover how genomics, transcriptomics, and known cellular wiring can be leveraged to provide an in silico avatar of a tumor

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Genomics in the Clinic

Is personalised healthcare for everybody really achievable? Join this track to share in the challenges faced and solutions discovered by large scale clinical projects around the world. Discuss with leaders practical solutions for data management, patient engagement & better clinical care 

Why attend?

  • Leave with an overview of the aims and structures of ambitious projects like the Qatar Genome Program
  • Discover strategies for making genomics more accessible to the individual
  • Take home lessons from other industries on communicating and managing risk 

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Data Sharing Hosted by GA4GH

GA4GH work to advance information sharing for DNA data providers and consumers on a global scale. Join in the mission to harmonise and integrate large data sets and develop new methods to delve deeper in to the secrets of biology and health

  • Learn how GA4GH are catalysing data sharing to unlock the potential of genomics
  • Understand the key opportunities and challenges in making genomics count in healthcare
  • Gain insight in to the development of the graph genome, which is set to reinvent the reference genome standard and enhance genomic analysis


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Whose Genome is it Anyway?

Gain a fundamental understanding of how genomics is reshaping elements of research, drug development and healthcare in order to provide faster diagnoses and treatments to patients

Why attend?

  • Patients, researchers, and those newer to genomics will benefit from this introduction to how genomics is reshaping elements of research, drug development and healthcare
  • See how CRUK are 'gamifying' complex concepts in genomics & get involved in a series of fun, hands-on activities
  • Ask how patients think and feel about genomics and leave with improved approaches for communicating with patients and the general public in your own work


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Day two: 1st February

Drug Development

Precision medicine requires genomics to be embedded in all phases of the drug development pipeline for discovery to diagnosis. Join us to explore how to leverage new genetic insights, academic advances, clinical infrastructures & patient resources to accelerate new drugs for patients

Topics include:

  • See how to transform drug discovery by enabling the systematic identification & prioritisation of targets
  • Absorb lessons for the rapid delivery of precision drugs to market
  • Discuss how to maximise drug discovery return on investment in human genetics through entrepreneurial and collaborative models


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CRISPR & Genomics

Expand your knowledge of gene editing and its applications in research and therapeutics with techniques for troubleshooting, scaling up and regulating your experiments

Why attend?

  • Increase your understanding of CRISPR efficiency and specificity using machine learning
  • Explore how CRISPR can be used to control genetic disease in humans
  • Have your say: Should gene editing be used on human embryos?


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Genetic Counselling Session

Produced in collaboration with the AGNC, this track is a must attend for genetic counsellors and nurses wishing to expand their knowledge of genomics. Particularly beneficial for those wishing to get a simple introduction to variant interpretation and an understanding of the changes associated with the switch to genomic counselling

Why attend?

  • Leave with a simple framework for interpreting variants and ways of communicating these to your patients
  • Discuss the move to a broad consent process and what this will mean for patients
  • Broaden your horizons with an examination of the value of genetic counsellors as mental health specialists

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Enabling Data

Data, data everywhere but what are we to think? Be informed and inspired on how  massive amounts of genomic and phenotypic data can be shared, stored, integrated and mined for insights

  • Get to grips with how to integrate bio-data at scale and how the vision of translational informatics-enabled healthcare can be applied to drug discovery
  • Appreciate the challenge of separating noise from signal in data sets combining genomics, imaging and EHR for precision medicine
  • Discuss the potential for advanced analytics/AI to help us cure complex diseases


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