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Mathew Woodwark

Mathew Woodwark

Director of Research Bioinformatics, MedImmune
Mathew obtained his Ph.D in Theoretical Population Genetics from University College Swansea in the UK. As a pioneering Bioinformatician in the UK, he was involved in early initiatives in AstraZeneca to drive the application of genomics and Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery, eventually graduating to leading the Bioinformatics efforts globally. At AZ, he had a number of key roles, including driving projects to implement global platforms in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. He also led a global function to enhance Informatics Training, Awareness and Utilisation (TAU).

In 2005, Mathew moved to Cambridge Antibody Technology (now MedImmune) to take up the role of Head, then Director, of Knowledge and Information Management, responsible for developing and  implementing MedI’s Information Management and Collaboration Strategy. In 2011, he added the role of Director of R&D informatics to his duties. Over the next 4-5 years, in addition to his Information Management responsibilities, he led Informatics teams in the UK and US with an emphasis on data analysis, informatics platform development for Biologics, and delivery of information to support key decisions in the pipeline.  He is focused on challenges of multi 'omic data integration, application of genomics to the drug pipeline and integration of clinical information in early stage research. He has also been following the development of integrated healthcare information ecosystems around the world with interest. Its fascinating to see the promises of the first genomics revolution coming to fruition in the second revolution!

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