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Linda Baughn

Linda Baughn

Co-Director Genomics Laboratory, Mayo Clinic
Dr. Baughn’s research and clinical interests are aimed in advancing the diagnosis and prognosis of multiple myeloma (MM). Her commitment to MM research stems from a long-term interest in B-cell cancer biology. She began pursuit of these interests during graduate studies at Tufts University, where she studied the mechanism of Abl-mediated B-cell transformation. During postdoctoral studies at Cornell University, she focused her research efforts on MM. She continued her training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she became interested in how activation induced cytidine deaminase contributes to MM pathogenesis. Following clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics fellowship training at University of Minnesota, she became co-director of the Mayo Clinic Genomics Laboratory, functioning as a board certified clinical geneticist to directly interpret genetic testing of various hematologic malignancies including MM. In addition to clinical service, she participates in translational research efforts aimed in advancing the diagnosis and prognosis of MM. 

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