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Beverly Searle

Beverly Searle

CEO, Unique – Understanding Chromosome & Gene Disorders

Dr Beverly Searle is the Chief Executive Officer of Unique, a charity dedicated to informing, supporting and networking with anyone affected by a rare chromosome or gene disorder, and any interested professionals. She has been passionately involved with Unique since the birth of her daughter Jenny in 1990, first as a volunteer and since 1999 as a staff member. Before that she was a research biologist with an interest in the biochemistry and genetics of yeast. Jenny was born with a chromosome deletion and was profoundly disabled and very medically complex; sadly Jenny passed away at 21 years old but continues to make a difference to all who know of her. Together with her husband Trevor - a software specialist; they developed Unique's members' database and website. Beverly is responsible for the day to day running of Unique, responding to enquiries from new families and professionals and aims to raise the profile of rare chromosome and gene disorders and the work of Unique.


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