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Anna Middleton

Anna Middleton

Head of Society & Ethics Research, Connecting Science, Wellcome Genome Campus
Dr Anna Middleton is Head of Society and Ethics Research at the Wellcome Genome Campus (inc Sanger Institute), Cambridge, UK. She has had two parallel careers – the first as a practicing genetic counsellor, the second as a social scientist exploring the impact of genetic technology on people. She is continually asking: ‘how is genomics impacting on people?’ and aims to find evidence-based ways to make genomics resonate for patients and their families.

She is current Vice-Chair of the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors. Anna has designed and is leading the Your DNA Your Say project for GA4GH - gathering global attitudes towards genomic data sharing from publics around the world. She is co-ordinating team of social scientists who are translating the survey into their own languages. Currently attitudes are being gathered in Russian, Portuguese, Polish, German, French and Arabic, with the following languages on their way: Japanese, Madarin, Swedish, Icelandic, Urdu, Italian and Zulu

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