30 January - 31 January 2018 | Excel London

Festival of Genomics

Andrew Basset

Andrew Basset

Head of Research (Cellular Operations), Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Andrew obtained his PhD at the MRC-LMB with Andrew Travers, studying the role of chromatin remodellers in heterochromatin formation. His postdoctoral work focused on the role of small RNAs in targeting chromatin modifications with David Baulcombe in Cambridge, and the function of longer non-coding RNA molecules with Chris Ponting and Ji-Long Liu at the MRC-FGU in Oxford. Here he developed CRISPR in Drosophila, and new strategies to study functionality of miRNA target sites in vivo. In 2014, he set up Genome Engineering Oxford, whose projects included the production of sgRNA libraries, use in different species, modification of the epigenetic and transcriptional status of a cell, and methods to improve the efficiency and specificity of the technology mainly in mammalian cell culture. He has recently moved to the Sanger Institute where he continues work on developing genome engineering techniques in iPS cells, with a particular interest in gene regulatory elements

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