30 January - 31 January 2018 | Excel London

Festival of Genomics


Don't simply take our word for it ...

Sue Hill, CSO England

'The Festival of Genomics recognises that developments in genomics reach far beyond specialist teams and will soon transform the day-to-day practice of everybody working to improve health and mitigate illness'

Catrin Middleton, Programme Manager, Precision Medicine, Cancer Research UK

'Last year’s event was a hive of activity and it’s great to be back this year with patients and their families at the heart of the programme.' 

Robert Green, Associate Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital

'I am delighted to be part of a conference that is quickly emerging as a leading forum for thought leaders from academic, clinical, and industry arenas to share ideas and results, and establish collaborations to realize the promise of genomics for the future of medicine.'

Thomas Keane, Group Leader, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

'Genomics is fast becoming a routine clinical diagnostic, so gatherings like The Festival of Genomics are key to spreading knowledge and information to the wider research and clinical community.'

Ahad Alseraihi, PhD Researcher,   Barts Cancer Institute

'A celebration of the advances in the human genome!  The feeling of something good happening!'      

Kimberley Allen-Philbey Clinical Trials Practitioner, NHS 

'A genomic wonderland of inspirational talks with lively debate.'

Naser Ali, PhD Researcher, Birmingham University

'Very pleasant festival. Lots of good talks. The cancer data analysis stream was amazing!'

Lilach Soreq, RA, UCL

'The Festival was just great, and exceeded all my expectations. The scientific content of the sessions was fascinating. The atmosphere was energetic. I have gained an overview of single cell RNA-Seq, and a wealth of knowledge overall.'

Lavinia Ionita, CEO, Omixy

'Inspiring and exciting experience! Very pleasant feeling this amazing global effort to introduce and transform the genomic medicine into just medicine. Hopefully, the UK will serve as an example for many countries.'



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