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Present a Poster

Present a Poster at the Festival




**Our poster policy has changed. We will only accept posters from academic authors**

Presenting a poster allows you to interact and build relationships 1:1, to educate and appeal to those who aren’t working in your field and to get feedback from those who are. Whether you’re in the early stages of research or you’re presenting your latest findings, there’s a lot to be gained from showing your work at the Festival:

  • Showcase your research and projects
  • Connect with potential employers in your field
  • Source new funding opportunities for your work
  • Receive critique and feedback that will allow you to take your work to the next level

Information and Instructions for Poster Authors

To ensure that your poster presentation goes smoothly – you need to have a read of the below instructions before submitting your abstract for approval.


All authors of the posters must be part of an academic institute and must not contain content designed to promote or advertise a commercial product or service.

We will also no longer refund poster payments that are include Service/ Technology or Product providers or poster submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines.

If you are unsure as to whether your company will qualify to submit an abstract, please contact Yvonne Nartey- yvonne@frontlinegenomics.com

Submitting your abstract:

Please note – if you do not follow the guidelines below, your poster may not be accepted.

You must submit an abstract.

Please send your abstract to yvonne@frontlinegenomics.com by Thursday 11th January.

Submit your abstract no later than Thursday 11th January. Abstracts received after this date will not be guaranteed a display space at the Festival.

We recommend your abstract is between 300-500 words long, and should include the title, authors and key purpose and conclusions of the poster. 

We have one golden rule for posters; they must be free of content designed to promote or advertise a commercial product or service.

Abstracts will undergo review from the Festival Directors – we aim to let you know the outcome within 7 days. In the event your abstract is not approved – you will receive an email detailing why, and advice on how to get approval on your next submission. 

Once your abstract has been approved, you will be sent a link to pay for your poster, which is £30.

Designing your poster:

Posters are a visual representation of your work and it’s important that you consider how your content is displayed. Here are our top tips for a winning poster presentation…

  • Keep titles short and clear – what message are you hoping to convey to the audience?
  • Don’t cram information in – be concise, use design to give content prominence. 50/50 ratios of graphics to text work well.
  • Make sure important information is readable from a distance of 2-3 meters and the resolution of graphics is high – no blurred images!
  • Keep it simple – stick to one font, avoid 3D text and avoid using too many colors.
  • Print your poster size A1, Potrait
  • Posters should be printed on laminated poster paper or card.

Your time on-site:

Please make sure you are on site before the Festival opens on Tuesday 30th of January to display your poster.

Push pins or velcro and boards will be provided on-site.

Do come prepared – posters are a great way to get scientific suggestions and meet like-minded researchers so make sure you’re armed with business cards and extra copies of your poster in A4 to distribute to interested viewers.

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