Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


Genomics in the clinic

The release of the CMO’s Generation Genome report focused on the need for the UK to maintain its presence as a world leader in genomic medicine. It presented a vision of genomics being integrated into the NHS within the next 5 years – highlighting the importance of tactical restructures across genetic labs in the UK, collaborations being built between stakeholders & the education of clinical staff, patients & the wider public.

This year the Festival is focused on fulfilling this 5 year vision – what do those working in clinical science, translational research & patient facing roles need to be aware of moving forward? How can we overcome key challenges, collaborate better & engage with the public?


Audience will:

  • Join sessions mapping challenges and opportunities for integration of genomics within the NHS.
  • Understand the gap between translational implementation and sustained clinical testing  - and critically ask – is clinical genomics financially sustainable?    
  • View data from 10,000 representatives around the globe about public attitudes towards genomic data sharing.
  • Learn about the technical challenges facing clinical services and hear from the ACGS on the upcoming changes to address these – from an overview of quality frameworks through to educational initiatives.
  • Attend a series of sessions in association with the AGNC exploring what generation genome will mean for genetic counsellors
  • Follow through case scenarios to understand how the process of assigning pathogenicity of a copy number variant is applied in a real setting.
  • Assess models for improving consent, enabling data analysis and reducing the time and cost associate with interpreting permissible uses of data


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