Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


Enabling Data

Data is pouring out of sequencing machines, through the clouds and pipelines around the world at rates and volumes that are challenging for the community.  To mine the insights held within coordinated approaches and action are vital. The best practice for storing, securing and  the challenges of sharing, analysing and integrating this in a meaningful and accessible are growing.

Audience will:

  • How to best tackle the Integration of complex biodata
  • Exploring integrative analysis e.g.  health record data, genetics, expression, metabolomics and imaging
  • Selecting machine learning approaches to establish phenotype-genotype relationships and integrate multiple data types  
  • Developing question driven data sets and integrating large data set
  • Data visualisation and how to navigate masses of data
  • What are the current challenges around the economy of data sharing?
  • Where are the business opportunities around the open access of personal genomic data and health?


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