Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


Drug development

Human genetic now lies at the heart of drug development enriching pipelines with validated candidates and providing decision making tools to reduce failure rates.  The field continues to thrive off masses of research and clinical data build evidence in target discovery, validation, patient stratification and safety. This year the festival focusses on aligning you with world class strategy as well as in depth practical insights to make genomics count and deliver benefits to patients

Audience will:

  • How to transforming drug discovery and development with an integrated genomics approach
  • Using Omic platforms, molecular libraries, data resources, and AI to unravel disease complexity
  • Understand the potential of PGx to develop better, safer medicines 
  • Using genetic tests to help define drug dose and choice to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions
  • What kinds of genomics based predictive diagnostics are academia developing?
  • What performance can a new diagnostic achieve as a commercial product produced by a company?
  • How will public healthcare regulate and assess the cost effectiveness of precision medicine drugs?


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