Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center



For months, CRISPR has dominated publications as being simple & easy to use, innovative and adaptable and as offering promise for many untreatable diseases. Despite this hype – there are big questions over how close CRISPR really is to clinical use. This session at the Festival will align perspectives from research, drug development and the clinic to evaluate what obstacles there are to the application of CRISPR in the clinic and will provide key technical updates for those working with CRISPR day to day.

Audience will:

  • Learn how Genentech are refining CRISPR as a tool for drug discovery
  • Discover how allied technologies (like induced pluripotency, in-vitre gametes & whole genome sequencing) could unlock further potential for CRISPR in the (near!) future
  • Assess why editing might be further from the clinic than we think - evaluating political, ethical & technical challenges.
  •  Be able to answer ‘when can we expect human heritable editing?’ and to understand some of the intricacies around techniques dealing with single vs multi-gene disorder editing.


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