Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center




Welcome to the 2018 Festival, a landmark in the journey of genomics towards the mainstream.

The Festival will empower people from drug development, healthcare, patient & academic organizations to define the future of genomics in human health and disease.

Two days packed full of insights and inspiration to shape ideas, challenge perceptions and foster collaborations.

This year's Festival is now over. We can't wait to see you next year.

Thank you to all the speakers, exhibitors, supporters and visitors, who made this year's event a success.

Watch this space, we will be releasing our Festival video shortly.

Coming up in 2018

The Festival of Genomics London is back with a stellar speaker roster to bring you all the essential insights, inspiration and networking you need to tackle the challenges 2018 and beyond will bring.

We’ll be welcoming academia, biopharma and healthcare to explore the power of the genome in driving R&D and the diagnosis and treatment of disease into the future.

Nothing looks the same after the Festival! There is no better way to get a comprehensive portrait of genomics and see your work in context. We need you there to help us deliver the benefits of genomics faster.

As well as products and services from leading suppliers including  Eppendorf UK, Cellecta, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, QIAGEN, Macrogen Europe, EncrypGen and more...

Just some of the speakers at the Festival this time round...

This year's themes

Drug development

Human genetic now lies at the heart of drug development enriching pipelines with validated candidates and providing decision making tools to reduce failure rates.  The field continues to thrive off masses of research and clinical data build evidence in target discovery, validation, patient stratification and safety. This year the festival focusses on aligning you with world class strategy as well as in depth practical insights to make genomics count and deliver benefits to patients.

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Genomics in the clinic

The release of the CMO’s Generation Genome report focused on the need for the UK to maintain its presence as a world leader in genomic medicine. It presented a vision of genomics being integrated into the NHS within the next 5 years – highlighting the importance of tactical restructures across genetic labs in the UK, collaborations being built between stakeholders & the education of clinical staff, patients & the wider public.

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Enabling data

Data is pouring out of sequencing machines, through the clouds and pipelines around the world at rates and volumes that are challenging for the community.  To mine the insights held within coordinated approaches and action are vital. The best practice for storing, securing and  the challenges of sharing, analysing and integrating this in a meaningful and accessible are growing.

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For months, CRISPR has dominated publications as being simple & easy to use, innovative and adaptable and as offering promise for many untreatable diseases. Despite this hype – there are big questions over how close CRISPR really is to clinical use. This session at the Festival will align perspectives from research, drug development and the clinic to evaluate what obstacles there are to the application of CRISPR in the clinic and will provide key technical updates for those working with CRISPR day to day.

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